Proposed master dissertation topics for 2015-16


This is an indicative list of dissertation topics I offer for supervision in the academic year 2015-16 for students in the master's degree programmes in international development studies, public policy and institutional management, and European integration and security studies:

  • Development policy in Romania, 1947-1989.
  • Romanian weddings as rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs).
  • Management of the 2015 EU refugee crisis from the perspective of the Harris-Todaro model.
  • Who has children in Romania? An analysis based on the household budget survey.
  • Evolution of public funding for education in Romania, 1990-2014.
  • Attitudes towards European integration across Romanian regions.
  • History of the chairs in political economy at the University of Iasi, 1860-2015.


This list is only indicative whose purpose is to provide an idea of the kinds of topics that may be suitable for a master's dissertation that could be the basis of a further research project, such as a PhD. I may supervise, within my possibilities, other topics mutually agreed with students that fit with my expertise and research interests. The selection of students and topics will be based on their dissertation proposals, with particular attention to how they fit with students' prior academic records and future career plans.