EUROSCI is a network of international academic players (such as universities, research centres, departments, teams, individual experts) that share a common interest in the study of the European Union and European integration from a scientific perspective. The network allows gathering information, exchanging practices, building knowledge, and promoting a better understanding of the European integration process across the globe. The activities of the network include: gathering and promoting information and results on methodologies applied to high-level research and teaching on EU studies; enhancing cooperation between different universities and other relevant bodies throughout Europe and around the world; exchanging knowledge and expertise to improve good practices; and fostering cooperation and exchanges with public actors inside and outside the EU on highly relevant EU subjects.

EUROSCI explores the opportunities of e-Learning for international co-operation beyond the traditional mobility of students and teachers. Recent initiatives include the organisation of a massive open online course of European integration open to students from more than a dozen affiliate universities across eight different countries and six national EUROSCI centres in strategic regions of the world (Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, UK, India and Russia).

1 January, 2017