Can we trust safety belts?

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Increased security and privacy for the EUROSCI website

As you may have noted, we continue the changes on our website. We have recently installed a new secure certificate to encrypt all the information you submit to the site. We have also secured information about your activity, such as lecture participation, comments, or quizzes, so that it can be accessed by you only. We are also reviewing all the first- and third-party cookies that our website needs to function, so that you understand what they are used for and can provide informed consent about their use.

What is strategic communication?

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Do we need Agile?

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Were Brexit-referendum voters rational?

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New lectures on the EU and Brazil?

EUROSCI is offering its Brazilian partners the possibility of a new series of lectures on the EU and Brazil. Not only the language, but also the schedule and contents of the lectures will be adapted to the the needs of our partners and their students. Lectures will cover highly relevant issues such as trade, tourism, and development. European students of the Network have already welcomed the initiative and shown their willingness to learn Portuguese and share this experience with their Brazilian colleagues. Will our Brazilian partners be up to the challenge?

New EUROSCI Network site in China

The EUROSCI Network has just opened a new site for the Chinese market. This is a long-term bet because at the momemt most of the technologies we use for our courses, such as Google, Youtube or Facebook, are still banned in China. But we welcome this step towards internet liberalisation by Chinese authorities and hope to be able to establish partnerships with universities in that country one day.