Université Hassan II de Casablanca

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Université Hassan II de Casablanca is a public university established in 1975. With 17 faculties and schools and six campuses in the cities of Casablanca and nearby Mohammedia, and more than 100 thousand students in 2019, it is the largest university in Morocco. Arabic and French are the main languages of teaching at the university.

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The University Hassan II from Casablanca it is as large as it says, because for me it was the one that impressed me most during my staying in Morocco. At first the shock was given by the multitude of students and then by the size of the courses. In contrast with the private universities, Hassan II has al social categories of students: poor, middle class or high class, because there can enter only the bests, with the best grades. That´s way there are times that for 30 places compete up to 300 students, meaning that the access to a public school in Morocco is very difficult to obtain. From an other point of view, this university is more conservatory and discriminatory, given the fact that 75% from the girls are covered and decent dressed and that most of the professors are men. The last thing I want to specify is poor hygiene, and that I think that is given also to the high number of students.