Could Germany leave the Eurozone in protest for its lack of monetary and fiscal discipline and poor inflation record?

No. Germany is loyal to the euro and will always accept whatever economic and monetary policy comes from the Eurozone.
0% (0 votes)
Technically not. Eurozone membership is copulsory under the treaty, which has supremacy over German law and courts.
9% (4 votes)
Practically not. Leaving EMU is always suicidal. Not even Greece, whose government disliked EMU policies so much, could leave.
7% (3 votes)
Hypothetically yes, but a mere threat would suffice to extract enough concessions from others, thus making leaving unnecessary.
85% (39 votes)
Total votes: 46
Learning objectives: 
Understanding the politics of Economic and Monetary Union.
Comparing the inflation record of the Eurozone with that of other areas.
Understanding the Grexit debate.
Understanding German constitutional challenges to Eurozone economic and monetary policy.
Understanding the Exit-Voice-Loyalty game.
Understanding potential differences between hawks and doves when it comes to exiting a monetary union.
Exploring the potential implications of this question for the future of the common currency.
Exploring the potential normative implications of this question for EU democracy in general.
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