Global Outreach Commission: Events

An introduction to selectorate theory and the theory of clubs
7 January 2022
Embedded thumbnail for Democracy and development
LDC markets: land, labour, capital, insurance
10 December 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Do poor people make poor economic decisions?
Migration, UK, France, Dublin Convention, Germany, Belarus, Russia
5 December 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Christian Kaunert & Sarah Léonard: What is security?
Lewis model, Harris-Todaro model, illegal migrants, EU, Africa, Belarus
27 November 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Economic development, dualism and migration
EUROSCI Network course sponsored by USV and Hestim
5 November 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Measuring economic development: GDP vs HDI
Universidad Mayor San Simón, Cochabamba, Bolivia
20 September 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Varela and Kaunert on the EU and Russia, Ukraine and Nord Stream 2 (in Spanish)
Students from Suceava meet their colleagues in Iasi on YouTube and Zoom
8 March 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Joint lecture between the universities of Iasi and Suceava
Vera Arezina, University of Belgrade
15 October 2020
Embedded thumbnail for Climate change and environmental security