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An introduction to selectorate theory and the theory of clubs
7 January 2022
Embedded thumbnail for Democracy and development
LDC markets: land, labour, capital, insurance
10 December 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Do poor people make poor economic decisions?
Migration, UK, France, Dublin Convention, Germany, Belarus, Russia
5 December 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Christian Kaunert & Sarah Léonard: What is security?
Lewis model, Harris-Todaro model, illegal migrants, EU, Africa, Belarus
27 November 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Economic development, dualism and migration
EUROSCI Network course sponsored by USV and Hestim
5 November 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Measuring economic development: GDP vs HDI
Universidad Mayor San Simón, Cochabamba, Bolivia
20 September 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Varela and Kaunert on the EU and Russia, Ukraine and Nord Stream 2 (in Spanish)
Students from Suceava meet their colleagues in Iasi on YouTube and Zoom
8 March 2021
Embedded thumbnail for Joint lecture between the universities of Iasi and Suceava
EUROSCI Network public lecture from the University of Belgrade
15 October 2020
Embedded thumbnail for Vera Arezina: Climate change and environmental security