Fourth International Scientific and Practical Congress: Intellectual economy under conditions of social transformation

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We welcome researchers, business practitioners, representatives of state and local authorities, members of social organizations, and other stakeholders, to participate in the Fourth International Scientific and Practical Congress on “Intellectual economy under conditions of social transformation: prospects for public-private partnerships”. This is a call for contributions on the most recent findings and innovative ideas related to the intellectualization of the economy. Some of the key topics are: state management of societal development and the construction of reform; public management of social and business processes in the institutional environment of a knowledge-based economy; the partnership model of municipal and rural development management: technological vector; intelligent vs “green” economy: conflict of interest or the expansion of the boundaries of the possibilities of civilization; intellectual property rights as a geopolitical tool: implications for the global economy; international projects of public-private partnerships in the field of social and environmental innovation. Foreign participants are exempt from the payment of registration fees.

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