Supply chain planning

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Managing supply, demand and inventories

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Have you ever wondered how companies could maximize their profits through the improvements in the production planning control? On this course you will learn how you can match supply and demand with forecasting techniques and analyze demand data. You will be able to understand the roles of the managing inventories. This course enables you to formulate and solve aggregate planning problems using Microsoft Excel and you will know sales and operations planning and production strategies.
There will be case studies to be analyzed by students and that it to promote discussions on the online classes and forums. The course will include the participation of market executives (guest professor) to present, analyze and discuss real problems. Microsoft Excel will be used to make better decisions through data analyzes by simulations of data. The online classes will occur twice a week in seven meetings. Finally, at the end participants will develop an application project involving the principles of planning production control based on data simulation coming from real company.
1. Components of a Forecast and Forecasting Methods; 2. Aggregate Planning Strategies; 3. Aggregate Planning at Red Tomato Tools; 4. Managing Supply and Demand; 5. Implementing Sales and Operations Planning in Practice (Case study: Leitax); 6. Managing Economies of Scale: Cycle Inventory; 7. Managing Uncertainty: Safety Inventory.
Indicative reading: 
Text book: Chopra, Sunil and Peter Meindl. Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operations (6th Edition) by. Meindl. Prentice Hall, 2016. Cases: Janice H. Hammond. ”Barilla SpA (A)”. Harvard Business School Case 9-694-046. Watson, N., R. Oliva, 2005. Leitax (A). Harvard Business School Case 606-002. Harvard Business School, Boston. Others references: Terry P. Harrison, et al. ed. The Practice of Supply Chain Management: Where Theory and Application Converge, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. Van Mieghem, Jan A. Operations Strategy: Principles and Practice. Dynamic Ideas, 2008.
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