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The course is designed to give students a knowledge of core concepts within the theory and implementation of social policy in developing countries. Such an overview is essential for those focusing on mainstream social policy and development issues, and those choosing to specialise on non-governmental organisations. Main topics will include: Comparative social policy in north and south; social development and human development; conceptualizing the state, market and civil society as policy actors; citizenship and rights; comparative approaches to the understanding of poverty, wellbeing and exclusion; welfare regime theory; concepts of sustainable livelihoods; global institutions and the international aid system; conceptualizing the policy process. This course also provides the analytical tools needed to understand and critically evaluate the key practical challenges of social development. A wide range of development contexts will be discussed using empirical research and case studies. Key themes include: linking social policy theory, implementation and practice; making social protection effective; managing sector reform processes; projects and programmes, including design and evaluation; participation and community development; gender analysis; the impact of corporate social responsibility and social enterprises on poverty reduction.

Indicative reading: 

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