The EU and Mercosur

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Political conflicts, democratic institutions and bilateral relations

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This course aims to provide an introduction to the European Union, Mercosur, and bilateral relations between both blocs. The course will start by presenting the EU, its history, its current policies, political conflicts, institutions and policy making. It will go on by doing the same with Mercosur, from a comparative politics perspective. Finally, the course will focus on bilateral economic and political relations between both blocks, with special attention to trade, investment, migrations, and the environment.
1. Introduction. Course overview. 2. Introduction to the EU and its policies. 3. EU politics. 4. EU institutions and policy making. 5. Introduction to Mercosur and its policies. 6. Mercosur politics. 7. Mercosur institutions and policy making. 8. Comparative analysis of the EU and Mercosur. 9. EU-Mercosur relations. Overview. 10. EU-Mercosur relations. Trade. 11. EU-Mercosur relations. Foreign investment. 12. EU-Mercosur relations. Migrations. 13. EU-Mercosur relations. The environment. 14. EU-Mercosur relations. Broader political co-operation.
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