EUROSCI Network ready to help in Coronavirus emergency

The EUROSCI Network offers assistance to universities affected by the Coronavirus emergency. We offer all our technical means and expertise in educational technology to mitigate the effects of this crisis for institutions and individuals, from university-wide suspension of teaching activity to individual self-isolation measures by students and teachers. We are in close contact with colleagues in the North of Italy, where classes have been suspended due to the crisis. We have learned that the University of Milan is prepared to take emergency measures to ensure the continuation of teaching activity in the event of a prolongued suspension of classes. These measures include not only the revision of the structure and duration of their academic calendar, but also the use of distance learning whenever possible. In this eventuality, the EUROSCI Network will be ready to contribute with all its infrastructure and experience in educational technology to mitigate the negative effects of the crisis for teaching and learning, while also strengthening solidarity among colleagues and partners.